5 Things a man can not resist in a woman

5 Things a man can not resist in a woman

As there are some factors that attract you to your husband and affect your family and intimate relationship, there are also other things that can not resist your husband, formal factors, and others in your personal nature, including:

1- Waist
Waist is one of the most difficult things a man can not resist in a woman. In his or her inner mind he represents fertility and reproduction, so the smaller your waist is and the more your body is, the more your husband will be attracted to you.

2- Poetry
Your enjoyment of your hair makes you look attractive and distinctive, so keep your hair healthy well, it is your husband evidence of femininity and one of the things that attract him.

3. Sound
Your low voice attracts your husband to you, so avoid your voice always high, and the low voice is the most attractive to the man.

4. Make-up
Do not think that putting a lot of powders is a key to your beauty, but take care of your skin in a way that keeps you from being permanently attached to makeup. A man is often attracted to less-used women.

5. Colors
Colors have a key role in attracting women to men, and one of the most exciting colors for men, red color, red to wear the red color, and enter it within the colors you use daily, studies have shown that red color is the most attractive colors and desire for men, because it attracts the attention of men He can not turn his eyes on her, so whether you wear a red dress or put lipstick in this color, make sure it can not resist you.

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