5 Simple initiatives to appreciate a spouse and maintain lasting love

Arabs today - 5 simple initiatives to appreciate the husband and maintain lasting love

The way you treat your partner is the key to a happy marriage. So in this article are a series of initiatives that you must take from time to time with your spouse to maintain a lasting love:

Refrain from using the mobile while the partner is present: Abri expresses your love and appreciation to your husband by not using the mobile while he is present. By that we mean respecting the partner's presence and appreciating the times you spend with him. Studies have shown that mobile and social media negatively affect the life of the duo.

Partner surprise with breakfast in bed: These small surprises and simple initiatives strengthen the emotional ties between you and the husband.

Do not hesitate to adopt this gentle approach with the husband to maintain a happy married life.

Prepare a hot bath for the husband after returning from work: Ivri for your interest in your husband by making simple initiatives to express your appreciation for his hard work! These initiatives will help you gain the heart of the husband forever.

Prepare a weekly list of things you like about the husband: Prepare a weekly list of things you like in your husband, thank him for all the things he did for you and your family. This appreciation is the key to a happy and solid marital relationship.

Getting rid of the things that bother the husband: Take initiative and get rid of things that bother the husband at home. A husband who finds comfort in his home with his family never leaves it

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