5 applications similar to the popular TikTok application for video creation

The TikTok video industry is currently popular with more than 150 million users from around the world. Creating a funny or musical video, by combining yourself with music clips or audio tracks with other people's voices, allows you to create a larger library that offers more options.

The Funimate application
Funimate is the most fun video editor and video music maker used by millions of people. With Funimate, you instantly transform your daily moment into creative video and edit in awesome visual effects. With patent-pending technology, you can create cool videos with unprecedented real-time effects

The StarMaker application
The StarMaker application is designed to be primarily interactive, it gives you the additional opportunity to get to know new friends through your favorite music. In addition, it allows you to sing and enjoy a carayooky experience with your friends. You can also record, edit and share your productions, making it easy to find other people who share the same interest and love for music.

Apply dubsmash
A famous application for a long time used by millions of people to make various videos that have a comic character by adjusting the image on the audio tracks featured in the application or that are loaded by users The idea is based primarily on the integration of those distinctive sections, which are often obtained from Movies or songs known to their users' image and video.

Apply Quik
Quik application, you can create great videos in just a few clicks. Choose your favorite photos and videos, then leave the rest to Quik. In seconds, the app finds the best moments, adds beautiful transitions and effects, and syncs everything to the rhythm of the music. Add your character to your story through text, music and more, and easily share it with friends. Editing videos is not faster or more fun.

LIKE -Magic application

LIKE will give you many possibilities for adding special effects or music to your videos. You can choose from millions of songs to use as background music for your video

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