4 ways to create a child failed to know them

Arabs today - 4 methods to create a child failed to know them

The biggest and most important goal of the mother is to raise a successful and successful child. You may think that raising a failed person is complicated, but unfortunately it happens because of very simple methods of dealing with the child. It affects him profoundly and causes his failure in the future to know and avoid it.

1. Never say no

Perhaps at an early age it is not right to say the word "no" directly to the child, but in the advanced stages of the child's age, he must hear your rejection frankly, this teaches him respect for the laws and accept them, in addition to the definition that it is not the axis of the universe.

2 ā€“ buy him everything he wants

In our consumer world, children are aware of everything new and wonderful. It is important that you buy new things for your child every time, such as toys and electronics, so that he feels he deserves new things, but that does not mean spending too much. , And makes him feel entitlement and lured by money, and thus fails to plan for his future and the implementation of his plans.

3. Make everything competitive

Competition is healthy, but when it is too late for your child to feel that he is in a constant race in all his life activities, this instills a feeling of incompetence and failure. A person can not be superior to all activities. He enjoys his life even if not the best in everything.

4. Do not say "I am sorry"

It is important to try to avoid making mistakes in front of children, but if you do, express your regret directly and frankly and acknowledge your mistake. This teaches the child the importance of being responsible for his actions and trying to fix them, so as to avoid repeating the mistake.

5 ā€“ give him a lot of time in front of the screens

You may allow your child to sit long in front of electronic screens to carry out your activities without disturbance, but this teaches him laziness, makes him immoral and affects his future in general.

Do not let him fail

It is important that you let your child feel a failure from time to time and do not rush to correct his mistakes or cover them. This teaches him to blame others and not be responsible for his actions.

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