4 things Beware of discussing with your wife to avoid differences

Arabs today - 4 things Beware of discussing with your wife to avoid differences

4) Negative feelings The husband should not be disclosed with his wife, since the woman is more sensitive to some things than the man, which may create problems between the spouses, which are as follows:

1. Criticism of appearance:

After marriage there are sometimes changes in the appearance of the wife, such as weight gain, so no man should direct any comments on his wife in these matters.

2. Authorization of decisions:

Some men make decisions without engaging their wives, which often infuriate the wife, as she feels that her intellectual level is inferior to him.

3. Talk about previous relationships:

It is better not to talk about pre-marital relationships because of the sensitivity of the situation, but many women are jealous and do not want to hear these relationships.

4. Negative qualities

: Sometimes some men deliberately confront their wives in some of their negative qualities, directly, which causes the differences

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