4 Disadvantages of large age difference between spouses

Arabs Today - 4 Disadvantages of large age difference between spouses

The issue of age difference between spouses still occupies our minds to this day, it has become one of the most controversial topics for many people. And became one of the most important conditions that are developed when choosing a life partner for men and women.

Marriage represents a form of intellectual, social and biological communication. The age difference between husband and wife plays an important role in the continuation of the marital relationship. Where it has logical and realistic reasons and greatly affects the intellectual communication and knowledge and understanding and harmony between the parties.

It is recommended that the difference between the spouses from two to five years to be a reason for ease of communication and compatibility between them. It is known that women are more mature than men, where men at 50 are more young than women of the same age.

The advantages of the small age difference between spouses:

– The ability to endure when the man enables him to lead his family.

– Mutual respect between wife and husband

– Obtain the compassion and tenderness of her husband because of her responsibility and cooperation.

– The husband becomes affectionate of the love and affection of his wife and compassion for him and the tranquility and stability in the life of the family as a result of understanding between them.

Disadvantages of age difference in marriage:

Difficulty understanding and sharing with the other party:

When the difference in age is large between the spouses, the largest party after several years difficult to keep up with his partner in the special relationship. Or in various social activities such as moving from place to place to travel and trips, and thus have a negative impact on the husband or wife.

2 – The biggest party's attempt to change the thinking and habits of the smaller party:

Attempting the larger part of the relationship to change the thinking of the younger party on the grounds that it is older than his experience. And therefore tries to accustom the younger party to his beliefs and thinking and force him to implement which is not accepted by the other party.

3 – Concerns about not having children or not participating in raising children:

– There are many fears in the parents if the daughter married a man much larger than she can not live with him a normal life. The wife can also have children to raise them alone to enter her husband in the old age.

There are also fears that the marriage of a son to a wife is much older than him, reducing the chance of childbearing and access to children.

A study conducted by a German social institution indicates that there are four important facts about age difference:

1. A man who marries a woman who is much younger lives longer because he cares more about himself than in health and beauty.

2. A woman who marries a man who is too young to be discriminated against in society.

3 – A woman who marries a man who grows up so much takes care of him and his health to live as long as possible.

4- The man who marries a woman who is older than him does not care for himself, both physically and physically.

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