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4 applications to see the health status of your Android phone

Although smartphones are very powerful devices, some of their components may fail in the end. As with system slowdowns, problems can occur with the microphone or battery, or perhaps some errors that we can not identify with the naked eye. In this sense, there are applications that are able to check the hardware parts of your phone and the information and the state of its components.

For this reason, we now offer you 4 apps where you can check the status of your Android phone.
Phone Check

This application mimics the common CPU-Z interface for Windows. His job, however, is very similar to him, because he checks our phones for errors in some of its components. In this sense, in addition to the phone information it displays, the application is able to check the status of memory, battery, Wi-Fi, loudspeakers, microphone, GPS, CPU and give information about the phone temperature.
Also, the application contains a directory showing all the tests available to validate the phone.

Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus is up to its name because its use is very similar to a medical visit. The application contains a series of tests that test the operation of many components of the phone. In this sense, we have the possibility to test the sensors related to the movement such as: gyroscope, accelerometer and proximity sensor. Similarly, it is able to detect dead pixels on the screen, check the connection area, temperature, processor status and memory.
Dead Pixels Test and Fix

This application has the function of correcting dead pixels on our screen. If you receive information in some tests that reflect dead pixels on the smartphone panel, this application can correct them.

This application does not repair your battery, but it provides all the necessary information about its operation and useful life to see if it has already completed its cycle or if it still has the capability to continue working completely. The application indicates the battery temperature and its duration, as well as the same voltage

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