4 alternatives to the application "Watts Ab" protects your privacy!

4 alternatives to the application "Watts Ab" protects your privacy!

The world's most popular messaging application, WattsApp, has exposed a major security breach that has raised concerns about privacy, prompting many users to seek a better alternative.

The Sun introduced some electronic applications, which provide a space of safety and confidentiality that Internet users around the world crave.

– iMessage

This app can only be used on iPhone phones and allows you to easily encrypt messages by going to Settings on your phone and making sure to delete text messages every 30 days.

IMessage allows users to turn off the incoming Message Reading feature, so that senders can not tell if their messages have been read.

– Signal

"Signal" application servers can not access any connection, or even store phone data. The application also allows you to encrypt all calls and messages.

Experts found that this application is characterized by a total encryption of conversations, to be safer than competing applications.

– Fiber

The application has a secret encryption feature, which can be activated for all messages.

It also allows you to delete any type of messages sent, to hide them from chat permanently, and was the first global messaging application to offer this feature.

The Viper application also has the "hidden chat" option, which can only be accessed using the PIN.

– Dust

The company (its former name Cyber ​​Dust) said that the privacy of users is strictly encrypted, so that no one can penetrate them. The application also ensures that no messages (permanently) are stored on phones or servers.

Dust aims to provide good communication and privacy by combining two types of encryption methods: AES 128 and RSA 248.

Source: The Sun

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