3 Psychological changes suffered by pregnant women during pregnancy

Arabs today - 3 psychological changes suffered by pregnant women during pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important stage in a woman's life, where a series of changes occur, whether physiological or psychological, and women's lack of understanding of these changes may affect postpartum depression, which may lead to other problems.

Psychological changes in the first stage of pregnancy «any first three months»: –

This stage is concerned with anxiety, nervousness and many fears, foremost among which concerns the loss of the fetus. This affects some of the behaviors of women that may negatively affect marital life, and understanding these changes makes them arrange things properly in terms of their prior knowledge that they will have the negative emotions caused by anxiety. Nervousness and fear, and this helps them to tame themselves and make things take their normal course.

Psychological changes in the second stage of pregnancy »from the fourth month to the sixth month»: –

Pregnant women at this stage feel emotional fluctuations, sometimes severe, at this stage become very sensitive, and may cry for every thing large or small.
It is a more mature phase of the first stage. She may cry with joy that she will become a mother and laugh a lot when she finds that her stomach is gradually swelling.

Psychological changes in the third stage of pregnancy »from the seventh month to the ninth»: –

This stage is the return of anxiety again because of the approaching date of the situation, and the fear of losing the fetus will disappear at this stage show other types of concerns, including, will you give birth naturally and easily? Will her baby come without defects? Will it be healthy?
At this stage, pregnant women see many disturbing dreams of seeing nightmares about birth in general and about entering a new world in terms of becoming a mother.

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