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22 Tips for abdominal slimming and fat burning fast

Do you suffer from the size of your abdomen and remain very embarrassing before people to put you after birth, where you need several ways to get rid of the rumen gradually not in the day and night, where you must follow recipes and herbs to remove belly fat and signs of cracking and stretch of skin on the abdomen, where You can get rid of these signs but it takes a great time or can be disposed of in a short period, you have the solution in this article to get rid of the rumen completely.

22 Tips for abdominal slimming and fat burning fast

1 – not to drink water before eating or between eating or after eating directly, but drinking after eating half an hour the greater the period the better.

2 – Take three leaves of cabbage and put on your belly or Nfilha Nylon paper well and preferably to Tvlevha before bed and removed in the early morning.

3. You should walk on a daily basis for an hour or more.

4. Tie your belly with a piece of cloth or you can wear the abdominal belt after birth, where it works to tighten the skin that sagging.

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5 – Put pomegranate peel and add a green mint, a tablespoon of ginger and a teaspoon of Chinese green tea, boil ingredients well three times and should not be put sugar on it.

6 – Eat herbs that boil by giving me a feeling of fullness reduces the incidence of constipation, which increases the amount of crunches and the size of your belly

7. Place a spoonful of pomegranate peel, a spoon of cumin, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a teaspoon of ginger, a teaspoon of green tea and a spoonful of dry salsa, and place these ingredients in a mixture of apple cider vinegar if it is a large crumple or if the medium size is mixed with lemon.

8. Breastfeeding burns all the fat in your belly and is very important for your health and your baby's health.

9 – to reduce the salt on eating because the high salt on food works to increase fat in your body, especially in the abdomen.

10 – Put a tablespoon of thyme and a tablespoon of chamomile and a tablespoon of rosemary warm water and put these ingredients in it and should not be put sugar in the case of not drinking it you can reduce the quantity, ie, put a spoon instead of a large spoon, drink the drink On an empty stomach in the evening, you should continue with the recipe until you feel better as you drink the drink a quarter of an hour before eating or drinking.

11. You should massage your belly daily with olive oil until the skin is saturated.

12. Eat rice, pasta, starches, bread, biscuits and pastries during the day in moderate amounts and do not eat at night.

13 We can remove three spoons of fennel herb in boiled water, and then drink it every day in the morning.

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14 – Exercise after forty days because the complacency about it makes the problem of removing the throne difficult and complex

15. Eat light herbal beverages such as coriander, peppermint, grouper, anise and others, but do not overeat from peppermint and grouper because it reduces the secretion of milk in the mother's breast.

16 – Reduce the soft drinks that increase the crunch and can be drunk but intermittently not daily.

17 – You must practice sports two weeks and ten minutes in the second two weeks after birth and then gradually increase it to 20 minutes in the second month and a half hour in the third month daily

18 – Avoid pastries and fat pancakes, as well as fat and replace them with olive oil and fat in nuts.

19 – Eat lots of apples, artichokes, bananas and liver "to be roasted or Scandinavian way to prevent the intake of fat", sesame, shrimp and dark chocolate (small piece every day) and lentils and dry apricots (not eat more than 3 daily) almonds (be free of salt and not roasted) Spinach (this is a wonderful vegetable to make up iron and provide the body with a lot of energy and improve the mood)

20 – You should practice abdominal exercises as soon as one month after Caesarean section and healing the wound and consult your doctor These exercises are what brings back your flat stomach graceful

21 – You should eat many fresh fruits and vegetables or fresh juices in the home without sugar between meals and when you feel hunger, and many apples and artichokes to compensate for blood loss and iron

22 – Eat lots of healthy drinks such as milk, yoghurt and yoghurt and be free of fat, as well as natural drinks such as tannins, barley syrup with milk mixed with ginger or cinnamon, an excellent drink for constipation, as well as cocoa and ginger with milk and cinnamon with milk and orchid. We choose to choose skimmed milk and drink without sugar or light sugar.


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