15 films borrowed from real stories will find them stranger than fiction

The latest tag-and-chase film titled Tag (the name of the game itself) was a sensation when it came to movie theaters last June. Parking spaces outside the movie theaters were marked by unusual activity for filmmakers chasing each other and tagging each other. A new comedy that tells us the story of five friends starting out in the Tag game contest, which is arguably the most competitive one ever shown on film screens.

Poster movie tag

Tag Movie Tag

The film’s main characters are Jeremy Runner and John Ham. The film includes a constellation of movie stars and heavyweight names. To everyone’s surprise, he is quoted from a true story of a group of friends who, for years, “For decades, this has been true for decades, and for them this game has become a way for each of them to remain a part of the other’s life even when they are separated and separated from each other.

Now dear reader, does this story seem difficult to believe? Continue reading this article to look at five dozen other films borrowed from real stories and novels you will find more strange than fiction:

The Terminal

The Terminal 2004:

This was a very successful film directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Hanks, who tells the story of an East European man forced to live at John F. Kennedy Airport, who quoted a true story and a harsh experience of Iranian refugee Mehran Karimi Nasiri Who lived at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris for 18 years.

Conflicts and controversies over Nasiri’s nationality have turned his story into a red line for the government, compounded by Nasseri’s repeated refusal to offer citizenship granted by the French government.

In 2006 Nasiri finally left the airport (Charles de Gaulle) and was taken to hospital with many health complications. Since 2008, he has been living in a shelter in the city of Paris.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 1974 and Psycho in 1960

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre in 1974 and Psycho in 1960

The murderous characters were inspired by these classic horror films – alongside The Silence Of The Lambs and American Horror Story: Asylum from FX – the real-life killer named Ed Jain of Wisconsin, Which was also known as “Butler”.

Jain confessed to killing two women, but his victims are believed to be much larger, and later his horrific past in the kidnapping, killing, torture and then abuse of their bodies is a breeding ground for many of the iconic iconoclasts of the day.

Patch Adams

Patch Adams Movie

It is a warm, heart-shaped representation of a talented doctor struggling to treat people with kindness, laughter and smiling, a cinematic work adapted from the life story and personality of Dr. Adams Adams at the Gezundhit Institute.

Adams, the founder of the West Virginia Medical Institute, spent most of his life trying to change the way Americans look at health care. In 1998, he co-authored a CNN interview: “Well, I’m a clown who might have a role. In health care. I’m really interested in keeping our society away from being a community in which people need antidepressant drugs and drugs, and a society that is always depressed to a celebrated society, from which I find that just strolling in colorful clothes makes people smile. ”



This epic horror and horror story tells us the story of the 28-year-old Aaron Ralston and those five terrible days he spent in the Blue John Grotto in Utah. Ralston stumbled and slipped into a groove as he rode his bicycle there and ended up strapping his right arm between the rocky groove wall and a huge gulp.

Aware of the impossibility of finding him and knowing his location by anyone who might search for him, he found that the only way to save him was by cutting off his clenched arm, which he encouraged and did after long trouble, and then made his way down those rough paths to safety.

Ralston recounted the painful facts he experienced in his autobiography, “Between the Rock and a Hard Place.”

Almost Famous in 2000

Almost Famous from 2000:

Cameron Crowe was inspired by his experience as a Rolling Stone magazine journalist in his teenage years, which resulted in an Academy Award-winning story. The scene of the famous plane was quoted in the film about the crash of the crew of the band Lynyrd Skynyrd (Linderd Skinned) in 1977.

In his 2012 book “My Cross To Bear”, Gregg Aleman admitted that most of the details of Almost Famous are rooted in the time that Crowe spent (German) – including an incident in which he was accused of being an undercover policeman.

Adrift in 2018

Adrift in 2018

The film, which was recently shown in cinemas, quoted a real story about her 41-year-old Tammy Oldham trying to survive at sea, after she survived a powerful hurricane that left her and her close friend with broken debris.

In 1983, Tammy Oldham sailed through the Pacific Ocean from Tahiti to San Diego when she found herself and her close friend Richard Sharp in the midst of Hurricane Raymond, losing her intimate boyfriend, who was swallowed up by the waves. Oldham was able to sail at a distance of 2400 km alone to Hawaii with an improvised sail.

The Sound of Music from 1965

The Sound Of Music from 1965:

The story of this classic musical was adapted from the life of the singer Tarab, led by Maria von Trapp. She was a school at a nuns’ school and became a trainer for one of the children. This band traveled to the United States from Nazi rule. Austria.

The band performed performances and concerts all over the world, as they appeared on Elvis Presley’s 1957 Christmas album. The real Maria von Trapp and two of her sons can be traversed behind Andrews when performing a piece: I Have Confidence Lyric.

Goodfellas in 1990

Goodfellas in 1990

This classic work of Mafia life is distinguished from the rest of the films of the same kind thanks to its great reality. Henry Hill, a member of the criminal Lochis family, was turned into a police detective and lived through many of the events we see in the film.

Although Goodfellas was directed by Martin Scorsese, the greatest praise for his success is largely attributed to the writer Nicholas Pellegi. His book, Life in the Mafia Family, chronicles the true life of Henry Hill. The book, which formed the foundation stone on which he reconstructed the screenplay.

For his information, Hill’s testimony against the Lucis family resulted in the conviction of fifty of them.

Changeling movie

Changeling movie

In this film directed by the famous actor Clint Eastwood, we watch the story of a missing boy and a police station whose members refuse to search for him for his mother, a dramatic portrayal of exactly what happened to a woman named Christine Collins in 1928. Collins ) Has the police department in Los Angeles that her nine-year-old son was missing in March of the same year.

Five months later, the Los Angeles police came to claim that she had found the boy. When he was confronted, Collins realized that the boy was not her child but was just a homeless child and was found by the police and claimed to have been her son. The police later refused to admit her mistake. The poor try to “experience” the boy like her son.

After being forced to take the boy home with her, Collins returned with the support of her friends to expose the Los Angeles police for what she did. Unfortunately, her son (Walter) has never been found and many believe he has become a victim of murder, known as “Weinville Chichen.”

The First

Movie 50 First Dates

This romantic comedy from Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore focused on the life story of a poor man trying to date a woman suffering from short amnesia, a film rooted in a tragic reality. She woke up every morning and thought she was 1994 after being hit by a car in 1985 and 1990 – both of which caused her head-level injuries. The woman from Lincolnshire is unable to form any new memories.

Her husband (Ian) follows the details Sandler makes in the film on a daily basis, including the use of family photos to remind Michelle of their lives with each other. “Sometimes it’s a great pressure for me, but I have to be patient and understanding, but I have to keep my cool because I love her,” Ian told The Daily Mail.

Unbroken in 2014

Unbroken in 2014

Unbroken, who quotes from a book of the same title by Laura Hellenbrand, tells us the life of Zamperini as an Olympic athlete and his subsequent survival as a soldier in World War II. Before being captured by the Japanese; Zamperini remained stranded in the middle of the sea for nearly seven weeks after the crash of the warplane on board.

Zambierini died at the age of 97 in the same year as the film that tells the story of his life. This film was criticized by Angelina Jolie for being an adult storyteller.

The Movie

The Movie

Although the story of this film, which is adapted from a real story that has undergone many dramatic changes, the MIT Blackjack Team card game team actually existed.

The practice of “counting cards” has been developed in an attempt to defeat and defraud casinos – essentially an attempt to strip gambling of the “gambling” itself – during the 20th century, a practice that was mastered by a group of students from Boston in the late 1990s.

For more than 15 years, the “Black Jack” team has traveled around the world on trips in which its members made a fortune by counting paper in the famous Black Jack game. However, according to one of the former team members, The film’s violence, noisy and professional parties, especially money laundering through strippers, was not entirely true.

We Bought a Zoo in 2011

We Bought a Zoo in 2011

Just as the title of the film suggests, “We bought a zoo”, this family actually owned a zoo in 2006. (Benjamin Me), who played the role in the film Actor Matt Damon is the proud owner of the Dartmoor Zoo, Animals with a variety of private animals near the village of Sparkwell in England.

During the flight that the family traveled to reopen this physically collapsed park, Mei’s wife unexpectedly dies, leaving him alone with a zoo and two children. Despite the suffering and great struggle, Dartmoor Zoo has regained its legal license. In 2007, and continues to this day the family (May) in the management of its affairs.

The Exorcist of 1973

The Exorcist of 1973

This horror film quotes William Peter Platty as the title of the film. The film recounts the story of the “exorcism” of a young child known as Roland Do and Robbie Mannheim.

Platty first heard of rumors about the “devilish touch” he was suffering from when he was a student at Georgetown University, and then used the Jesuit priests in the real story to create the characters of the famous film, Father Lancaster Mirren, Karas).

The famous “evil scoundrel ladders” are still near the waterfront in Georgetown.

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