10 tips on marriage must be known by every single

Arabs Today - 10 tips on marriage should be known by every single

The marriage decision requires a lot of study and reflection. Marital relationship is one of the most sensitive human relations, and requires a high degree of harmony between the spouses.

If you're thinking about marriage, or are about to enter the golden cage, the Pastel site offers you a set of tips that every single person should know:

1. Attention to warning signs
When you fall in love with someone, you try to overlook all their flaws and do not look at the positive things in them, but you have to be alert to some warning signs in their actions, which can be dangerous to your future marital relationship.

2. Talk about the future
Before committing to marriage, you should talk to your partner about your future life, what you want to do, and plan on a permanent basis, in order to avoid chaotic life that can lead to separation.

3. Get married if you really want to
The desire to marry must be based on complete conviction, and no one will influence your decision. You will live this experience and bear all its consequences.

4. Try to see things from the perspective of the partner
Debate and debate is a must in the marital relationship, and always tried, to look at things from the perspective of the partner, so that you can understand what he thinks, and reach a solution that satisfies the parties.

5. Trust is essential
Trust is one of the most important foundations upon which the marital relationship is based. Therefore, any problems related to mutual trust between spouses must be resolved immediately, otherwise this relationship will be destroyed.

6. Discuss with your partner what you want to get married
Both parties must realize what they want to get out of the marital relationship. Knowing the needs of the partner and working to meet them helps to sustain the marital relationship.

7. Partner support
Try to take advantage of the strengths you have to support the partner, and in return, get any support you need from him, marital relationship complementary relationship, assisted by each other, for the sake of family happiness.

8. Mutual respect
Love is not enough to build a healthy marital relationship, but it must be accompanied by mutual respect between the parties. It is necessary to respect the wishes, abilities and opinions of the partner, and in return receive the respect that awaits him.

9. Discussion of financial matters
Some people are embarrassed to discuss financial matters before marriage, but this is necessary to build a relationship on a sound basis. In addition to spiritual factors and sincere feelings, there is a strong physical foundation on which to base this relationship.

10. Small differences do not turn into major problems
As we mentioned earlier, the difference in opinion is a must in any relationship, and it is necessary for each of the spouses to realize that, and work to resolve any differences that arise between them dialogue, and not allow it to become aggravated to become insoluble.

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