10 strange uses you do not know to moisturize your lips

Arabs Today - 10 strange uses you do not know to moisturize your lips

You can not, often, give up the lip moisturizing pen. You need it, with all its colors and flavors, to bring back to your dry lips their gloss and health. But you do not know that this product has other uses that will surprise you. And seek it, and do not turn back.

1 for the treatment of new shoe pain
You often feel pain when you wear shoes you just bought. Which is very common. But you will get rid of this problem if you resort to lip moisturizer. If so, put a little of it on the friction zone between the shoe and your foot and of course you will feel comfortable.

2 To remove the ring from your finger
If you can not easily remove the ring from your finger, just put a little moisturizer on the area around the ring. The task will thus be successful.

3 to moisten the circumference of your nose
When you get colds, the skin surrounding your nose usually becomes dry. In this case also advise you to keep a little moisturizer on the lips. The result? Amazing!

4 to heal your wounds
Lip moisturizer can not replace medical treatments. But it protects your wounds from pollution if you apply it. So, try this trick and you will not regret it.

5 for the care of shoes
If you do not have shoe polish, you can replace it with lip balm. It gives softness to the skin and makes it look shiny and new.

6 Remove the hair follicle
If your hair suffers from this problem, you do not need to worry, lip balm is the solution. Put a little of it close to the roots of your hair. But do not exaggerate in that it may make it olive.

7 to treat the dry edges of your hair
For various reasons your hair may suffer from dehydration. In this case, you can also keep a little lip moisturizer on it.

8 for cloud repair
It may happen that the zipper of your bag or your shoes or your pants for a break. If you are quick to fix it through your application a little lip balm on the holiday area. Are you ready for the experiment?

9 to treat the effect of painful earrings
When you put your earrings on for a long time, you may feel the fire and rubbing in the lobe of your ears, but that the hole may also be blocked. So, to avoid this annoying feeling and problem, put a little moisturizer on the hole area.

10 to remove the effects of mascara
In order to keep the mascara without showing its residue on your eyelids or under your eyes, it is useful to apply a touch of lip balm to these areas and you will get the result you want.

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