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10 Benefits of reading and reading know them

When was the last time you read a book or article in a magazine? Are you reading every day on Twitter and Facebook? Learn with us the benefits of reading.

Reading is a secret to the progress of all peoples and all civilizations. If you read regularly in any field or subject you will read it will change you completely, it will change your life and your outlook will become a different perspective. Whatever you write about the benefits of reading you will not realize all of its benefits unless you practice it. By yourself then you will know what the importance of reading! There is a statue in Finland under the title read even if you sink.

Now do you know what the secret of the progress of the State of Japan and the progress of all the civilizations that we have left behind? In general, in this article we will focus on the things that will happen to you personally if you read regularly. If you are a person who does not practice reading every day, you will miss a lot of benefits from reading,

One of the most important benefits of reading

10 Benefits of reading and reading know them

1. Motivation of my mind:

Studies have shown that the survival of humans in the state of mental stimulation works to slow down or prevent Alzheimer's disease or memory loss, the brain as any muscle within the human body needs exercise to maintain its mental strength and health, so reading and solving puzzles or playing chess or other leads For this mental stimulation.

2. Reduce stress:

How much stress you experience in your work, personal relationships, or other problems you may encounter in your daily life will fade as soon as you integrate into any good story or article. This will keep you away from any stress or problems and will allow you Relaxing.

3. Knowledge:

Everything you read is filled in your mind with a lot of information that you can not know when it will be useful, and the more knowledge you have, the more you will be able to deal with any challenge you face.

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Reading has many benefits

10 Benefits of reading and reading know them

4. Increase Vocabulary:

The more you read, the more words you gain, and the more you use them during the conversation is essential. A person who is well educated and conversational will benefit from his or her success in any job and become more self-confident. People who read a lot, speak well and have a lot of knowledge in many Different subjects get promotions faster than others because they do not have a good vocabulary.

5. Helps improve memory:

It is very easy for the human brain to remember all that. It is amazing that every new story or book that is read generates new neurotransmitters within the brain. And works to strengthen all the paths in the brain previously and this will contribute to your recovery of memory and your mood will stabilize.

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What do we benefit from reading?

10 Benefits of reading and reading know them

1. Reading helps to strengthen thinking skills:

Have you ever read a novel with ambiguity and reached a solution to this mystery yourself before you finish reading the book? If the answer is yes, this means that you have been able to use your analytical thinking by observing any details and arranging these details so that you can identify events. This ability to analyze is very useful for solving any plot in the stories and determining which stories are good.

2. Increased concentration:

In this obsessed world, millions of people are distracted by different directions because everyone performs different tasks every day. For example, in 5 minutes, a person will divide the time between his or her work, check his incoming mail, or chat with his friends online. Follow up updates on Twitter, follow up on his phone and talk to colleagues.

This behavior is similar to the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity and reduced production, but reading books helps increase concentration. Try reading for 15 to 20 minutes before you work and you will be surprised by the increased concentration.

3. Improve your writing skills:

Increase writing skills by increasing the vocabulary and reading books and articles good, because readers have an impact on the skills of the written person as a note of rhythm or methods of writing, such as what affect musicians on some, the great writers are influencing others.

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4. Calm:

In addition to relaxation associated with reading good books, the subject you read may also be reassuring and calm. Reading spiritual texts reduces blood pressure and gives you a sense of calm. It has also been shown recently that reading self development books helps people who have suffered Of their mood disorder or mental illness.

5. Fun Free:

Although many like to buy a lot of books and it is expensive, you can borrow some books from any local libraries or you can download books through the Internet, there are many sources that provide thousands of books.

6. Strengthening neural brain connections:

Reading is one of the most important activities that stimulate the human brain to perform its functions. It also develops the ability of the mind to analyze and its ability to communicate, especially in children. Reading strengthens neural connections.

7. Intensity of focus:

Reading is one of the most important mental activities that increase the focus of the readers. Reading texts, analyzing them, thinking about them and thinking about them helps in developing people's verbal and verbal skills, whether verbal or written, and then increases levels of concentration of the person.

8. Developing human creative abilities:

Many mental health professionals have linked the evolution of creative human abilities to the rate of reading, and have found it to be a positive relationship, since reading and reading makes readers think in an unusual way, given their multiculturalism and renewal.

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9. Reading works on memory activation:

Reading is an activity in the brain that increases the mental activity of the readers. It also promotes all the skills of the mind, reduces memory loss and keeps them away from Alzheimer's. The specialists also found readers who develop Alzheimer's later than those who do not.

10. Reading helps to resist stress or depression:

Reading works to reduce the incidence of depression and tension, because it works to reduce the negative thoughts that may be gained from the readers of the community and their experiences in personal life, and reading continues to reduce the incidence of neurological diseases, for example: insomnia or headache, and even resisted Depression You can develop a strategic plan for reading and for books you want to read in all the areas you love.

11. Reading helps stimulate the reader's mind:

The factors of stimulating the mind vary from person to person, and reading is one of the most important stimuli of the mind, the reception of the mind of new information and assimilation and analysis of those who stimulate the mind on his work, and therefore advised to avoid reading books need great mental effort in the period before sleep, During this period he prepares himself for his entry into the idle state.

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